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Mission Statement

Our mission is to create innovative technologies that disrupt and revitalize the antimicrobial industry and advance the global battle against superbugs. 


Problem statement

Bacteriophages are viruses exclusive to bacteria that offer a highly targeted antibacterial action. Despite the strong body of evidence supporting phage as an effective antimicrobial, the field suffers from a paucity of technologies that support the safe, effective, and economical use of phage in real life scenarios.


Our Goal

Our goal is to bridge the gap between phage biology research and real world applications by employing bioengineering tools and knowledge, ultimately making phage antimicrobials more accessible and preparing our world for a post antibiotic era. We have a proven track record of developing a patent portfolio built around impactful scientific publications on phage bioengineering that challenge the status quo.

Our research spans across multiple disciplines and integrates engineering with biology, materials science, and chemistry. To learn more, visit the Resources page on this website and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. 

Commitment to DEI

Our lab thrives on a culture of respect, collaboration, and openness. We recognize that true excellence emerges from diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences and we value the unique contributions of every individual. We believed the richness of diversity fuels innovation and we strive to not only advance scientific knowledge but also contribute to a more equitable and just society.

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Our research funding:

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