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Welcome to The Hosseinidoust Research Group

We address the global crises of antimicrobial resistant superbugs and viral infections by using bacteriophages, good viruses that are bacteria's natural predators. These natural antimicrobials can be designed to act as tiny soldiers that only kill the bad bacteria and leave our good bacteria (the ones we need for our health and well-being) intact. We design and formulate phage therapeutics to target specific infections. We also pack bacteriophages into solid form to design antimicrobial biomaterials, gels and coatings. In addition, because bacteriophages are so good at targeting their prey (bacteria) in nature, we use them to design novel methods of detecting and diagnosing infectious diseases.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a new research platform on using bacteriophage aerosols as surrogates for aerosolized SARS-COV-2. We use these phage aerosols to investigate performance of respirators and ventilation systems to infectious viral aerosols. 

Our research spans across multiple disciplines and integrates engineering with molecular biology, materials science, and chemistry. To learn more, follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can also visit the Resources page on this website to learn more about bacteriophages. 

Our Research at a Glance

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